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Good morning, Famousons! Isn't it great being famous?
― Chad 

Chadford Famouson (née Brokeison) is one of the main characters of The Famousons.
Chad is the non-famous person of the family, while having the job as the manager.
Nobody really likes him in Hollywood. He's pretty cheesy, & always off in his own little world. He attempts to make it big but fails.


Chad appears to be a skinny man with dark brown skin, short black hair, moderately short eyebrows, and a small extended goatee.

Chad wears a yellow polo sweater with a vintage blue arm-wrapped folded scarf. Additionally, he wears grey pants with white socks and dark brown sandals.




Chad and Farah together at their pool outside their mansion.

Chad is the husband of Farah Famouson. They met when they were younger and when his wife was still in her songwriting days. Getting married to Farah helped build his career.