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The Famousons Make A Website! is a short animation video to show the making of PopToonsTV's official website.



Important details about the plot or story are up ahead

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The video starts off with Deion talking about his sponsor from WIX. He really wanted to make a website for his channel so the fans can have somewhere else to converse about their shows, besides YouTube. Instead of showing Deion making the website, he let Sam take over and show the making of the website, because he loves making websites & Deion says he sounds a lot cooler than him.

The scene then cuts once again, revealing Sam welcoming his viewers.

When Sam isn't busy making fat stacks as a gamer, he enjoys making websites in his spare time. but then gets interrupted talking by seeing Bean missing her litter box.
Sam starts off making the PopToonsTV website, even if he has way more subscribers than them.
They didn't respond to his request to collab, but it was fine with him. So, he starts showing the viewers WIX's custom templates, explaining how they work so you can use them yourself. He searches for an animation template, and found one that looked good to him.

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  • This is the first time Sam made a tutorial on the channel.
  • This is the first website PopToonsTV made with Wix.